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Charge to recycle e-waste

If you are an end user/household and have small quantities of e-waste, please see the price list. This provides an indication of the items that we can recycle and the price per unit to pay.

Please contact us to find out more about collection options and charges and our partner drop off sites across the country. We suggest you contact your nearest site to check prices, before dropping off or requesting a collection as prices do vary across the country.

If you are a business, council, school or other entity please contact us directly so we can provide a quote based on the items and quantities you have.

Freight will also be quoted as an additional charge.

E-Cycle offers a collection service for recycling e-waste.

We will contact you to provide a quote in advance for freight and recycling fees and confirm collection arrangements.

If you require e-waste to be collected, please complete the form below:

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